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Jane Smith
Street, City, Province, Postal Code.
Telephone: +27 18 123 456 789
Mobile: 072 987 654 321


2012:   D Sc. Microbiology, University of Newcastle, Australian.

Thesis: Plasminogen Activation by Mycoplasma fermentans


2009:   Ph.D. Microbiology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.


Thesis: Bioremediation of Subsurface Sediments and Groundwater Contaminated with selenium


2002:   M.Sc. University of Potchefstroom for Christian Higher Education, South Africa.


Dissertation: Study of physical composition and bacteriological analysis of solid waste of Potchefstroom.

2000:   B.Sc. (Honours). University of Transkei, South Africa.


1997:   B.Sc. Rhodes University, South Africa.



2010 – 2012:  


University of Newcastle

Course: Microbiology 101

2002 – 2009:


Postgraduate Assistant,
University of Stellenbosch
Courses: Laboratory Assistant.


Research Skills:

Extensive knowledge of SPSSX and SAS statistical programmes.


Smith Jane (2006). The physical composition and bacteriological analysis of solid waste of Potchefstroom. Paper presented at the International Microbiological Conference in Hamburg, Germany.



Smith, Jane (2005). Bioremediation of Subsurface Sediments. Nature, 135 – 140.


Grants and Fellowships:


  • RDB Grant (University of Minnesota Research Grant, 2005), $2000
  • Workshop Grant (for ASMB meeting in New York, 2004), $1500


Awards and Honours:


  • U.S. Rector’s Medal, 2005
  • U.S. Academic Excellence Award, 2003


Skills and Qualifications:


  • Microsoft Office, Internet
  • Programming ability in C++ and PHP
  • Fluent in Afrikaans, English and Hindustani.



Excellent references available upon request.