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Curricula vitae


Tips for writing curricula vitae:

A curriculum vitae should include the following generic information:



Unless specifically instructed to do otherwise, a curriculum vitae should never be longer than two to three pages. Ensure that its contents are clear, logical, structured, concise and relevant. The employment of bullet points rather than full sentences can help minimise word usage.


Language, Spelling and Grammar:

Make sure that you have a good dictionary readily available. Triple-check your spelling and don’t trust the PC spell check to determine aspects such as correct usage of grammar. If you are applying to a UK-based university, employ UK English. If applying to a U.S. University employ American English and so forth.


  1. Personal details: Try to give the most important information. For example, avoid superfluous information such as religious affiliation, children's names etc.
  1. Education and qualifications: Supply the names of institutions and the dates that you attended in reverse order. Thus your university results will appear before your high school information etc.
  1. Work experience: Your employment record and career history should be presented in reverse date order starting with your most recent activities. Make sure that your job responsibilities, key performance areas (KPAs) and/or achievements are listed against each appointment. Give more emphasis to your more recent positions.
  1. Skills: Include computer-related skills and (genuine) foreign language skills and any other recent training/development that is relevant to the role applied for.
  1. Avoid the following: Do not waste too much time with lengthy information about things like hobbies and interests and unless the university specifies the actual names and addresses and contact details for all referees, this section can be recorded as 'Available on request'.


Examples of Curricula Vitae


Useful Websites

There are many online sites that can assist you with your curriculum vitae including the following: