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You have come to exactly the right place! Okay, so if Grade 12 isn’t already a thing of the past, it soon will be. The future is smiling brightly and invitingly. Sometimes it lurks. But mostly it smiles.

Odds are that you have never been more confused in your life! What does an engineer do? Where do they work, what do they earn, what do I need to become one, etc., etc... No need to fret; we’ve sorted all the info for you – read through it, take it all in. If you feel excitement growing your stomach, Engineering might just be the career for you. In this case, send us your application – the Faculty of Engineering is where you need to be. Take your time and browse through the disciplines we offer: 


Chemical and
Minerals Engineering
  Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering   Mechanical and
Nuclear Engineering
  Industrial Engineering   Electromechanical Engineering
Meet the lecturers   Meet the lecturers   Meet the lecturers   Meet the lecturers   Meet the lecturers

Engineers find ways to do things better, faster and more efficient. They make life easier by adding value to and optimising available resources. They reduce manufacturing costs by designing better processes. They are the modern day MacGyvers who improve the quality of people’s lives on a continuous basis. In short? The world would be lost without them.