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Message from the Executive Dean


We pride ourselves in our industry relevance. We are alive with intellectual energy and commitment. We aspire to identify and develop exceptional engineering talent on a one on one basis. 

I have seen many of our students holding positions in the front ranks of engineering management, research and teaching. We choose our students with great attention and care precisely because we are so deeply invested in their development and in that of the society they will serve.

Our vision for the NWU Faculty of Engineering is to become a faculty of choice for studying in Engineering in South Africa. This will be achieved by focusing on five primary areas, which are:

  • Transformation
  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Innovation of research
  • Commercialisation
  • Cost effectiveness

The commercialisation of expertise has always been a priority for us and will be pursued even stronger. The reason for this is the fact that we want our graduates to get good experience on practical applications in the world. This commercialisation will also make the university more relevant to the community and the industry. I believe that the Mission and Vision statement below can be used as a guideline to reach our goals.

Be prepared to grow, thrive and succeed.


Prof LJ Grobler
Executive Dean

The vision and mission statement of the Faculty of Engineering is aligned with that of the North-West University.


The Faculty of Engineering's vision is to be the Faculty of choice in Southern Africa.


The Faculty of Engineering's mission is to be a balanced learning and research faculty which is relevant for the development of students, the community and the industry.

The Faculty will achieve its mission by:

  • Being locally involved, nationally relevant and internationally competitive;
  • Fostering scientific innovation and entrepreneurial thinking among students and staff;
  • Focusing on the general shaping of students in respect of their career outcomes;
  • Delivering high quality engineers with skills that emphasise the implementation of engineering principles in the industry, and
  • Developing new knowledge through research, assisting the advancement of the country and its people.

Office Personnel

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Sonette Becker

Administrative Assistant: SETH Academy and Engineering Tests

018 299 1318

Mientjie Botha Financial Manager

018 299 1528

Angela Danster Administrative Assistant: Engenius Office

018 299 1985

Landi Viljoen Administrative Officer: Postgraduate

Dalien Zietsman Administrative Officer: Postgraduate

Elza Hattingh Recruitment and Student Affairs Manager

018 299 4026

Claudie Kroese Public Relations Officer: Engenius Office

018 299 1530

Retha Potgieter Administrative Officer: Undergraduates

018 299 1534

Vanda Pretorius Administrative Officer: Faculty Secretariat

018 299 1972

Welmarie Steenkamp Administrative Officer

018 285 2453