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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at North West University - Mafikeng Campus. We offer BSc, MSc, and PhD degree programmes and also carry out research activities in mainly the foundations of Computer Science, Next Generation Networking and Computing, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Speech Recognition Systems and Relational databases among others. We do have fully equipped Computer laboratories for each level starting from Year 1 to PhD Level. If you have thoughts of joining our Computer Scientists at North West University -Mafikeng Campus, you are most welcome to visit us, alternatively kindly feel free to browse our pages further to get to know more about the programs we offer and also our staff profiles. Thank you

Dr. Naison Gasela (Curriculum Vitae)

Senior Lecturer

MSc(USSR) MSc (Abertay,Dundee) PhD (NUST, Zimbabwe)



Module Code Descriptive Name Pre-requisites Credits
CISM 112 Introduction to Computing None 12
CISM 122 Programming and Problem Solving CISM 112 12
CISM 124 End User Computing CISM 112 12
CISM 213 Data Stractures and Algorithms CISM 122 12
CISM 214 Object Oriented Programming CISM 122 12
CISM 225 Introduction to Operating Systems CISM 122 8
CISM 226 Introduction to Software Engineering CISM 122 8
CISM 313 Introduction to Database Systems CISM 213,214 16
CISM 314 Principles of Compiler Design CISM 213,214 16
CISM 327 Data Communication and Networks CISM 213,214 16
CISM 326 Artificial Intelligence CISM 213,214 16


Module Code Descriptive Name Credits
CISM 611 Algorithms and Data Strucutres 24
CISM  612 Programming languages and objects 24
CISM 613 Operating Systems 24
CISM 624 Networks 24
CISM 625 Dataases 24
CISM 626 Artificial Intelligence 24


Module Code Descriptive Name Credits
CISM 671 Research: Project 24
CISM  871 Research: Project 24



Bsc Extended Programmes

  1. Bsc Ext  Computer Science - Chemistry - (N302M - 200 -197)  Click here for the full curriculum.
  2. Bsc Ext  Computer Science - Physics - (N302M - 200 -200)      Click here for the full curriculum.
  3. Bsc Ext  Computer Science - Electronics - (N303M - 200 -161) Click here for the full curriculum.
  4. Bsc Ext  Computer Science - Mathematics - (N303M - 200 -162) Click here for the full curriculum.
  5. Bsc Ext  Computer Science - Geaography - (N301M - 200 -206)  Click here for the full curriculum. 

Bsc Main Programmes

  1. Bsc Computer Science - Electronics (N 125M - 200 177) Click here for the full curriculum
  2. Bsc Computer Science - Geography (N 301M - 200 178) Click here for the full curriculum
  3. Bsc Computer Science - Physics      (N 128M - 200 132) Click here for the full curriculum
  4. Bsc Computer Science - Mathematics (N 127M - 200 137) Click here for the full curriculum
  5. Bsc Hons Computer Science            (N 612M - 202 142)

Post Graduate Programmes

  1. Msc Computer Science                     (N 808M - 203 180)
  2. Phd Computer Science                     (N 936M - 204 132)


Ms Dladlu Nosipho(Curriculum Vitae)


MScComputer Science (2014), North West University. South Africa.

BSc (Hons) Computer Science (2011), Fort Hare University, South Africa, 

BSc degree in Computer Science and Geology, Fort Hare University, South Africa.

Research Interests:

I am a computer scientist interested in Trust and Reputation-Based systems with MSc degree in Computer Science specializing in Trust and Reputation-Based Systems. I am presently a lecturer and a PhD student in North West University.

My research interests are as follows:

- Trust and Reputation-Based Systems

- Cloud Computing

- Data Mining 

Research Publications(Selected):

1. Dladlu N.,Ekabua O.O Implementation of a Novel Peer-to-Peer Reputation-Based Trust Management Model in a Cloud Service Provisioning Environment

Proceeding: The International Conference on Digital Information Processing,

E-Business and Cloud Computing (DIPECC),PP. 210-217. 2013-10-23

2. Dladlu N. Kogeda O.P, A Decision Support System for Cancer Prevalence in

South Africa. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, PP. 532-537. 2012-04-24.

Contact Details:

Ms Dladlu Nosipho


Department of Computer Science

North West University - Mafikeng Campus

Private Bag X2046, Mmabatho


Tel: 0183892688 Cell: 0716463258