Faculty of Agriculture, Science and Technology, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences



Welcome to the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. This school consists of four departments; namely Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.

The school offers BSc Mainstream and MSc Extended programmes in which students choose two majors from the following: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, Computer Science and Chemistry. In addition, students majoring in Chemistry can also study Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry or Geography as their other major.

The purpose of the BSc qualification is:

• To produce science graduates who have the necessary knowledge and understanding of underlying concepts and principles; the ability to access and evaluate scientific information; a high level of cognitive and other generic skills including problem-solving, written and spoken communication and computer literacy; and competence in applying knowledge through basic research methods and practice.

• To provide every graduate with sufficient depth of knowledge and skills for continued personal intellectual growth, including postgraduate study, for gainful economic activity in a range of careers, and for rewarding and constructive contributions to society.

• To provide society with science graduates who demonstrate initiative and responsibility, who are professional and ethical in their roles within the economy and society, and who are able to be intellectual leaders within their society.

• To produce graduates in all scientific fields, in order to increase, widen and transform the leadership base in South Africa, both for innovation and science-based economic and research development, and for the education of future generations of scientists, technologists, engineers and other professional people.

The purpose of the postgraduate programmes in the school is to further develop skills that were implanted in the BSc programmes. Thus, the programmes embody aspects of practical training essential for functioning as professional natural scientists in a work environment or as professional academic practitioners and researchers.

The school aims at excellence in teaching, research and community development. Many staff members in the school conduct collaborative research in the focus area of Material Science Innovation and Modelling. We aim to enable our students and staff to fulfil their potential by creating an environment that rewards openness and innovation and encourages engagement with stakeholders.


Acting Director - School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Prof. Ashmore Mawire
Associate Professor
Department of Physics and Electronics