Faculty of Agriculture, Science and Technology, School of Environmental and Health Studies



The School of Environmental and Health Sciences integrates diverse disciplines in a quest to discover, disseminate and apply new knowledge critical to understanding and mitigating the impact of the natural, built and social environments on human health. Welcome to the School of Environmental and Health Sciences, a dynamic and rapidly expanding school. We perform cutting edge, hypothesis-driven research in newly established, state-of-the-art laboratories. Our program offers BSc. Hons., MSc. and PhD degrees. The School is an innovative amalgam of three departments – Biological sciences, Geography and Environmental Sciences and Nursing. The School is highly active in a wide range of research that explores the environmental determinants of human health effects and disease. We offer research and course opportunities that span a breadth of disciplines. From exposure science to virology, to microbiology and biochemistry; branches of Geography and Environmental Sciences; GIS and remote sensing theory and applications in a wide variety of environmental sciences; and independent health care system practitioners.

We encourage prospective students to contact any of our department members via email and/or phone. We are pleased to offer extraordinary and formative opportunities to our students and encourage them to learn more about our programs!


Prof. Lobina Palamuleni

Director - School of Environmental and Health Sciences

Tel: +27 18 389 2027

Email: Lobina.Palamuleni@nwu.ac.za