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Bottom Line

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About us

Bottom Line is an Arts and Cultural Society on the Vaal Triangle Campus and was founded in 2009. The society strives to unleash and develop students’ artistic and cultural talents. At the same time we want to educate the youth about through means of dance, music, poetry and drama and acting.    

Welcoming message  

Welcome to our cyberspace of arts and culture. We hope that you will enjoy our vibrant website and believe it will teach and educate you in. But most of all have fun!
Bottom line greetings!

Mission and visions

The vision of Bottom Line is to develop and cultivate a culture of cohesion amongst our diverse students in building unity through our dance, music, poetry and drama (acting).


  •    Develop and promote arts and culture in Vaal Triangle Campus.  

  •    Develop and promote the multilingualism  on campus official.


In essence, Bottom Line is established to promote:

- Dance
- Music
- Poetry
- Drama/Acting

In striving to promote these arts and cultural on the campus, we also focus on hip-hop, traditional etc. in promoting diversity and accommodating diversity.