Services - Quality Enhancement Office

The Quality Enhancement Office



Advises on the university quality structure, processes and activities, including the responsibility and accountability lines as reflected in the quality manual;

provides advice and support (if requested by management) for the university in the areas of planning, implementation, evaluation, review and feedback for improvement purposes;

develops and update procedures, guidelines and support material to support institutional Quality Assurance and Improvement;

supports the self-evaluation processes;

assists with the coordination and preparation of HEQC audit strategy, timelines and planning (Quality Enhancement Project);

assists with the preparation of the NWU Self-evaluation report and portfolio for HEQC audits;

assists with the preparation of the Quality Improvement Plans (based on Audit feedback) for the HEQC and monitor the implementation thereof;

supports internal and national and professional review processes and drive all external academic programme/ subject evaluations;

supports the support departments’ self evaluation processes and drive all peer evaluation and soft review processes;

advises business units and process owners in constructing a database of evaluations, reviews, reports, improvement plans and follow-up actions;

 assists with and promotes the awareness of the NWU approach to Quality;

develops an intranet site (accessible for staff members) as a major source of information regarding all relevant aspects; and

 undertakes quality-related staff development activities to the benefit of the university and individuals.


Engages with the national and international discourse on Quality; and

liaises (through the offices of the vice-chancellor and/or institutional registrar) with the HEQC on audit preparation matters: pre-, during and post-audit etc.