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Educational Interpreting Services

Interpreting services

This division at the North-West University provides interpreting services in a variety of modules at the NWU and also non-academic interpreting (meetings) on request. The experience we gained in the field gave impetus to the services we render outside the University to other educational institutions (schools, colleges and universities) and companies.

Educational interpreting services ensure that our multilingual policy is more than just 'lip service'.

Contact us
Mr Johan Blaauw, Room 237, Building C1
(tel: 018 299 4890)

Language Services

Written text is part of the daily routine at any university. It is not only academic texts but also information signage, marketing material, policies, minutes, letters, media statements, web and internal publications. It is important that NWU stakeholders have access to this information. A team of language practitioners ensure daily that these documents are edited and translated. Depending on the language and communication opportunity, we work in the three official languages of the NWU - Afrikaans, English and Setswana. Sometimes we also work in Sesotho, the working language of the Vaal Triangle Campus.

Contact us

  • Mr Johan Blaauw,  018 299 4890
  • Mr Willie Cloete, 018 299 4891
  • Mr Johan Zerwick, 018 299 4326 (Setswana)