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The Faculty of Arts offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate study opportunities. A diploma in Music and a Postgraduate diploma in Management are also offered. 

Within the Faculty there is constant renewal regarding teaching-learning for appropriate use of technology and developement oppurtunities.

The Faculty of Arts also offers a wide range of short courses, for the advantage of current and prospective students as well as the public.

Undergraduate Studies


Download the 2015 undergraduate yearbook.

Prospective students that want to enrol in one of the following programmes:

Philosophy and Mathematics (L328P)
Music with Maths as subject choice (L416P)

Please note the information on the next refreshment course in mathematics that is applicable to all bona fide first year students whose course includes the subject WISN 111. Before the start of the refreshment course, all the students enrolled for the subject must take a maths test.

More information regarding the refreshment course.

The test covers some of the topics that are discussed during the refreshment course. Students that achieve 80% and more for the test, does not have to take part in the refreshment course. All the other students are compelled to take part. To prepare for the test, you can use McMaster University's Mathematics Review Manual for first year math students, this guide will also serve as a handy resource in your first year.

Diploma in Music

Currently the Faculty only offers a diploma in Music.

For more information please contact the School of Music at 018 299 1680 or Me Sonya Bekker 018 299 1484.

Postgraduate Studies


The Faculty of Arts offers an oppurtunity for students to further their academic carreers with a variety of Post Graduate courses. To ensure the quality of these programmes it is improved constantly.

2015 Postgraduate Yearbook

Prospective and Current Student Enquiries


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Me. Sonya Bekker

Icon - Job title Job title Administrative Manager
Icon - Phone Telephone + 27 18 299 1484
Icon - Fax Fax + 27 18 299 4084
Icon - E-mail E-mail Sonya.Bekker@nwu.ac.za
Icon - Location Location Potchefstroom Campus, Building F4, Room G6

Short Courses

The Faculty of Arts hosts a variety of short courses. Follow the appropriate link for more information.

ATKV School for Creative Writing.

Creativity Centre

Centre for Academic Literacy and Professional Language Practice