NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus, News: Women poised to become cricket stars

Women poised to become cricket stars 

They say the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, and on the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University, that manicured hand is now holding and scoring runs in cricket. A group of talented female cricket players recently made history by constituting the first ever formal woman’s cricket team on campus.

Woman’s cricket represents the latest addition to the campus’s sport arsenal.


According to the coach, Me Adri Olivier (a lecturer from the School of Educational Sciences on the campus) woman can play the came of cricket with the same enthusiasm and skill as their male counterparts. “What we lack in physical strength we make up with skill, determination and psychological focus,” laments Adri and adds that when it comes to talent the playing field is levelled.

The coach, Me Adri Olivier


The team has already taken part in several matches and is affiliated to the Gauteng First Woman’s League since October 2010. With a sparkle in her eye, Adri adds that pony tailed bowlers are here to stay and they are aiming much higher than merely the stumps of their male opponents. 


Published by Sipho Msolo on 13 April 2011.