NWU, Potchefstroom Campus, Student Disciplinary Office

Student Disciplinary Office

Welcome to the Student Disciplinary Office. We deal with reported cases of student misconduct as well as academic misconduct at the NWU, Potchefstroom Campus.

Should you wish to report a case please contact us or contact Protection Services.



The mandate of the Student Disciplinary Office is to maintain discipline amongst students of the NWU, Potchefstroom Campus on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor of the North-West University. This falls within the framework of the Statute of the North-West University,  the Students' Disciplinary Rules of the North-West University, the Academic rules and all other applicable policies of the North-West University.


Policies and Procedures 

The Statute of the North-West University, specifically par. 79 and 80, which provides us with the authority to exercise student discipline on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor.

The Students' Disciplinary Rules provide the framework for the disciplinary process, possible sanctions that may be imposed and the Disciplinary Committee's decision-making.

Any requests for access to information must be made in accordance with the Information Manual of the NWU on the prescribed Access to Information form.


Contact us 

Contact persons:

Mrs Carien Campher

Senior Administrative Assistant

018 299 1915

Fax: 018 293 5146

E-mail: Carien Campher

Ms Danelle Kamffer

Student Judicial Officer

018 299 1913

Fax: 018 293 5146

E-mail: Danelle Kamffer