NWU, Potchefstroom Campus, News: Staff commemorated Hennie Bingles 100th birthday

Staff commemorated Hennie Bingle’s 100th  birthday

On Monday evening (16 August), several members of staff clinked glasses on a great man, Prof. Hennie Bingle, a former rector of the PU for CHE,  at an informal occasion.


Hennie Bingle herdenking
Some of the guests who attended the evening in commemoration of Prof. Hennie Bingle’s hundredth birthday are (in front) Prof. Carools Reinecke (rector from 1989 to 2001), Ms. Bettie Bingle (daughter) and Prof. Annette Combrink (rector from 2004 to 2009). At the back are Prof. Paul Schutte, Mr. Jaap Verhoef, Profs. Ben de Klerk, Pottie Potgieter, Marlene Verhoef, Dr. Tom Larney and Prof. Albert Viljoen.


  Bingle, or Klipoog, as he was known, would have celebrated his hundredth birthday on 15 August. His daughter, Bettie, also attended the occasion in the Africana venue in the Ferdinand Postma Library. Several of the pieces of furniture Bingle had made with his hands without any electric equipment, are also displayed in the venue.
  Bingle was the fourth rector of the PU for CHE and his term stretched from 1964 to 1977. He passed away on 29 June 2007 at the age of 96.
  A poem the deceased Prof. PW Buys wrote for his eightieth birthday, Portret van ‘n Man, which best describes the essence and life of Prof. Bingle was read by Prof. Paul Schutte of the School of Communication.
  Prof. Carools Reinecke, also a former rector (1989 – 2001), donated one of the wooden chairs that Bingle had especially made for him to the exhibition and told several anecdotes in remembrance of Bingle. Several other members of staff also shared their memories of Bingle and all agreed that he was the last rector of a classical collegial university.
  “In those days no one had a task agreement or even an office, but everyone knew what they had to do and no one dared to be in his bad books. Those icy-blue eyes of his did not give him the name, Klipoog, in vain.”



Hennie Bingle herdenking

Prof. Hennie Bingle’s daughter, Bettie, clinks ‘n glass with Prof. Carools Reinecke on what would have been her father’s hundredth birthday.





 Published by Nikki Nel on 20 Augustus 2010.