All students must register annually in terms of the General Academic rules, the Statute of the North-West University and the applicable terms of the Higher Education Act.

Annually, more or less at the beginning of February, it is Registration time for students. For a period of three weeks Student Fees & Debtors (SFD) is at its busiest. During this period ±18,000 students need to be registered and SFD is responsible for the finances concerning registrations. SFD members of staff then function as an organised unit to let the registration process run as smoothly as possible.

Ease your registration next year by paying your minimum payable fees early (December or January) into the University’s bank account. Also make sure your outstanding University account is fully settled, because you will not be permitted to register for next year if any fees for the year are still outstanding. Also take note that no respite will be granted for payment of the minimum fees payable.

If a student’s studies are financed by means of a bursary or loan, proof in writing of such assistance needs to be submitted annually during registration. The proof in writing has to give an exposition of what the bursary or loan contribution may be appropriated for as well as when its pay-out will take place. Hence, if you use the bursary or loan to finance your studies, you need to apply at the institution involved in good time.

Students whose studies are financed by means of a loan are expected to sign the document available on the reverse of the book as a tear-out page, in which they undertake the following:-

  • To withdraw the minimum first payment on their loan and pay it to the University within 14 calendar days after registration.

  • To punctually meet their obligations towards the University monthly from their loans to settle the account by 31 July by these means, like any other students.

Should students not strictly keep to above-mentioned undertaking, it will lead to termination of studies without further communication.

A direct bank deposit or electronic pay-in can be made into any of the North-West University’s bank accounts at ABSA, First National Bank, Nedbank or Standard Bank. At ABSA’s Account payments, FNB’s Public Recipients, Nedbank’s Bank-approved beneficiaries or Standard Bank’s Companies the account name ‘NWU STUDENT’ must be chosen from your bank’s list of beneficiaries. Only the 8-figure university number will be accepted as beneficiary referral.

The respective account numbers for Class, Boarding and Other fees, which differ from the NWU VENDING account numbers for meal fees, are: 

  • ABSA 40-7009-9350, branch 632-005
  • FNB 6216-190-7335, branch 240-438
  • Nedbank 1713-378-531, branch 171- 338 
  • Standard Bank 33-038-446-5, branch 052-838   
  • FNB Namibie 6224-883-9382, branch 281-174

NWU STUDENT is exclusively for Class, Boarding and Other fees, while NWU VENDING is only meant for the cash meal system.

Fees can also still be paid at the cashier in the Joon van Rooy Building from 08:00 to 15:30 on weekdays.

On the day of registration, each student receives a financial report – first years per hostel and seniors individually. The report indicates whether or not the student can register. If the report indicates that the STUDENT CAN GO DIRECTLY TO REGISTER, it means that all financial obligations have been met; therefore the student can now follow the Academic Administration process. If the report indicates that the  STUDENT MUST PAY HIS/HER OUTSTANDING FEES OR ARRANGE RESPITE, it means that not all financial obligations have been met; therefore the student will first have to meet the obligations or make the necessary arrangements prior to registration.

The Academic Administration process entails the following: Students’ registration forms are printed in advance and distributed to the respective Faculties. The students fetch their registration form at their Faculty and take it to a Subject Advisor.  The Subject Advisor and the student check the student’s record, after which the decision is made concerning which modules the student can register for.  The registration form is then signed by both the advisor and the student.

The student can now register in the Joon van Rooy Building with the signed registration document to which the financial report has been attached.

Class and Boarding fees are payable in monthly instalments, as indicated on the statements of account, within thirty days of date of account, with a final payment in full settlement on 31 July annually. Statements of account start on the 1st of the month and always end on the last day of the month.

The amount of R500, which was paid for an application for admission to the hostel, as well as the R4 000 - non refundable amount - in confirmation of hostel boarding in the case of first-year students, are credited annually against the Class and Boarding fee account of the student involved.

Other fees are strictly payable within thirty days of date of account.

In the case where a student’s payment of amount in terms of above-mentioned conditions of payment is in arrears, the University will levy interest on such amounts in arrears.

Full settlement of a year’s Class and Boarding fees qualify for an early payment discount of 2,5%. This discount will only be granted if the debt has been fully settled and is already reflected in the University’s bank account by the last day of March. Please contact Account Enquiries in this respect at +27 (18) 299 2667/ 2668/ 2669/ 2670/ 2671/ 2672/ 2673 or email at



Payable during registration 2017



Off campus

Registration fee

1 610

1 610

1 610

First payment on tuition fees

6 980

6 980

6 980

First payment on residence fees

6 300



Meals during R&I* (Compulsory for residence 1st years)

1 175



Total before cash for meals

16 065

8 590

8 590

 Suggested payment for meals (February & March 2017)**       

3 050

3 050



R19 115

R11 640

R8 590


* Reception and Introduction programme for 1st year students
** See Meal fees for 2017


The following list of Class fees is available per module or per qualification, depending on what you are registering for. The module compilation determines the exact Class fee amount per annum. An average calculated amount per first year qualification for 2017 is portrayed below. This is not a complete list of all qualifications – only of a few general degrees:


 Rand / Per annum


R36 980

BA (Graphic Design) 

R37 900

BA (Communication)

R34 800

BA (Music) incl. conservatorium

R50 040

BA (Social Work)

R36 230


R33 830


R35 190

BCom (Management Accounting - CIMA)

R40 760

BCom (Accounting & Informatics)    

R42 650

BCom (Law)

R40 180

BSc  (Actuary Sciences)

R47 160

BSc (Consumer Sciences)

R37 040


R40 180


R34 990


R46 730

Diploma in Sports Science

R25 230

BEd (Foundation Phase)

R33 430

BEd (Intermediary & Senior) 

R33 550



The amounts below are subject to approval by the Council.


Rand / Per Annum

Mens- and Women's Residences

R19 040

Mens- and Women's Residences:  Single Rooms

R19 740

Oppirif: Self-catering units

R25 870


The above-mentioned amounts include the application fee of R 500 for admission to a residence as well as the R4 000 payable to confirm your place in a residence for first year students.  The R4 500, or R 500 in the case of senior students, will be indicated as an accommodation deposit on your statements of account and at the end of March, it will be transferred as a credit on your tuition and boarding account.  If studies are not continued at this institution, only the amount of R500 residence deposit is refundable.  Enquiries can be made via e-mail to, fax to 087 230 370 0 or telephonically at 018 299-2674.

Meals at the university are handled strictly on a cash basis.  This means that you will have available only what you have paid into your meals account; no credit will be granted on meals!

It is therefore important for students to ensure that there is sufficient cash on their Meals account for purchases. Meals, calculated at R100 per day for 170 academic days, amount to approximately R17 000 per year, or R2 000 per month. This is only an indication!

A direct bank deposit or electronic payment can be made into any of the bank accounts of the North-West University at ABSA, First National Bank, Nedbank or Standard Bank. The pre-defined account named “NWU VENDING” must be selected from list of beneficiaries under ABSA’s Account payments, FNB’s Public Recipients, Nedbank’s Bank-approved beneficiaries or Standard Bank’s Companies. Only the student’s 8-figure university number will be accepted as beneficiary reference. Should you still wish to send a payment advice, please fax it to (018) 293 5210 or e-mail to:

The relevant account numbers are:

• ABSA 40-7010-0351 branch 632-005
•  FNB 6216-191-6849 branch 240-438
•  Nedbank 1713-378-558 branch 171-338
•  Standard Bank 33-038-243-8 branch 052-838.

NWU VENDING is therefore exclusively for the cash meal system while NWU STUDENT is meant for Tuition, residence or other fees only.
Payments may also still be made at the cashiers in the Joon van Rooy building from 08:00 to 15:30 weekdays.