NWU, Potchefstroom Campus, Faculty of Engineering: School of Mechanical Engineering


School of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering specialises in Systems Reliability and Optimizing by focusing on Design, Integrity and Automation to attain.

Research is carried out in the fields of:

    Aeroplane and Glider Design
    Manufacturing and Bio-beneficiation:
    Area:     Extrusion and Extrusion machine Design
                  Super Critical Fluid Extraction
    Mining and Agriculture Automation
    Energy Systems:
    Area:    Power Generation
                 Coal Combustion and Efficiencies
                 Heat Pumps

through the implementation of systems, new techniques or new methods associated with:

    Creative Design
    Materials Testing, Characterization and/or optimised Materials Selection
    Manufacturing and Application
    Vibrasion Monitoring and Analysis and

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering specialises in Reactor Physics and focuses on Neutronics and Thermal Fluid Systems.

This research is carried out in the fields of:

    Power Generation
    Areas:    Process Heat
                    Nuclear Fuels and Fuel Cycles and
                    Nuclear Safety and Policy

by implementing:
    Modelling and Experimentation
    Optimised Materials Selection and Characterization of radiated or non-materials
    Creative Design