NWU-Mafikeng Campus, Faculty of Law


About us

The Faculty of Law at the Mafikeng Campus is an internationally competitive centre of legal teaching, learning and research in the service of justice and democracy.

The Faculty aspires to provide high-quality legal education at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. For undergraduate students, the Faculty offers a generic Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, based on a curriculum with an innovative approach to legal education. The aim is not only to impart legal knowledge but to equip students with the life skills and values essential for lawyers living in a democratic society.

At the postgraduate level, the Faculty offers two streams of Master of Laws (LLM) degrees:

  • a generic LLM consisting of course work and a minor dissertation; this stream offers graduates opportunities for advanced study in Public Law, Legal Philosophy, Family Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, and

  • specialised Master’s programmes in Labour Law and Social Security Law.

In addition, the Faculty offers advanced research programmes leading to the degrees of Doctor of Laws (LLD) and Doctor of Philosophy.

Our research efforts are geared to providing high-quality, relevant and focused opportunities in Public Law and Legal Philosophy, with emphasis on democracy, good governance, the rule of law, traditional leadership and the Constitution, labour law and social security, human rights and protection of minorities, and criminal justice, criminalistics and penology.

Our Community Law Centre offers excellent opportunities for clinical legal education, including the training of candidate attorneys and para-legals and the provision of legal aid and counselling to indigent people.