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Welcome to the Cultural Office

Welcome to an exciting educational experience.  We hope you will have a rewarding and successful academic year.  We are here to support your success as members of this University.

The campus is a home to diverse cultures and an extraordinary performance space.  Through students’ clubs, exhibitions and performances, the NWU is providing the local and university community with the opportunity to learn, celebrate and understand diverse cultures and provide functional resources where all registered students can enjoy their co-curricular and leisure time interest.
We encourage you not only to transform yourselves but also this campus.  Great educational institutions are often known by two qualities; their extraordinary history and their ability to lead with new ideas.  Throughout the last thirty years, each generation of students has strengthened this campus and made it a better place for students who followed.  Student idealism has left a transforming imprint upon this campus and we hope our current students will have the same effect.  


Our mission is to create an environment that preserves, promotes and supports our youth, cultural heritage and facilitation of access for all through support of the arts.


  • Highlight careers in the field of Arts.

  • To promote a high level of creativity and excellence in the cultural life.

  • To encourage financial and managerial efficiency in the operation of cultural groups.

  • To ensure the existence of adequate facilities for the creation and presentation of the arts.

  • To offer students a range of cultural experiences that will have a positive impact on their learning and allow them to develop open mindedness, curiosity, critical judgement and aesthetic appreciation.

  • To generate greater resources and financial support for culture and the arts through improved recognition of their social and economic impact.



The purpose of cultural Corner is:

  • To promote African heritage.

  • To preserve local artifacts, and records.

  • To instill a sense of citizen pride in the area through historical research programs and writings.

  • To promote African heritage.


Contact us

The Cultural Office is located in the Administration Building, Second floor, Office number 247. It is open, weekdays from 08:00 to 16:30.
Cultural Office
North-West University
Mafikeng Campus
Private Bag X 2046

Tshimega Pule
Cultural Officer
Tel: 018 389 2059
Fax: 018 389 2074
Email: tshimega.pule@nwu.ac.za