NWU, International Students



As a vibrant part of the global learning community, the university is attracting increasing numbers of students from beyond the borders of South Africa. 

Each year, hundreds of international students choose to register for their master’s, doctoral or post-doctoral studies at the NWU, which is widely known for its high standards, innovative spirit, efficiency and hospitality. We also host a substantial number of undergraduate students from neighbouring states, especially Botswana.

Currently, students from about 25 countries outside South Africa are represented at the university, based mostly at the Potchefstroom and Mafikeng campuses. Both campuses have a fully fledged International Office, responsible for helping international students to feel at home and to settle smoothly into their studies.

Some of the services available through the NWU’s International Offices are:

Advice and information on admission procedures, accommodation, grants, bursaries and study permits.

One-stop support from the time of a prospective student’s initial enquiry to his or her actual arrival on campus. This support includes assisting with banking, medical and other personal support services.

Prospective international students should also note that the NWU also has a permanent International Office in London in the United Kingdom, which can be reached by telephone or e-mail.

International students who wish to know more about the NWU, please click here