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GroupWise and Cellular phones

The NWU is currently implementing a comprehensive upgrade of GroupWise to version 8. This includes an improved GroupWise web interface that is better adjusted for smaller mobile screens, and is available at for all NWU students and staff.

For staff with mobile phones that support the ActiveSync protocol (typically the higher specification Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC and most popular smartphones excluding BlackBerry) there is a standard interface available that makes GroupWise available through ActiveSync (services like e-mail, calendaring, etc.). The service is available free of charge (apart from connection charges) and can be activated on your specific mailbox by sending your request via Call-IT, and then making the necessary adjustments to the handset.
The previous limitation - that only one specific model is supported for access to GroupWise - is withdrawn. Synchronization of phones with GroupWise is only possible through the ActiveSync protocol. It is recommended that you verify the support of ActiveSync on a phone before you buy a new mobile phone. 

IT support is limited to providing the ActiveSync interface. Unfortunately we cannot configure individual phones as there is no standard procedure that works on all phones. Since there are so many different models and operating systems, we do not have the resources to support it all. We recommend that you contact your mobile phone service provider in the event of configuration problems.

There is an alternative service available for staff with BlackBerry phones, but due to BlackBerry’s licensing model this service is available at a substantial additional annual cost. We are currently implementing a limited number of licenses and will announce the availability once everything is ready. BlackBerry users will have to submit a motivated application if they want to make use of these limited amount of licenses. 

Note: The prerequisite for accessing GroupWise is that the phone has functioning Internet access.  It is possible that some phones may require an operating system (firmware) upgrade.

We hope you enjoy this new service!

Setup your Mobile phone

Use the following procedure to setup ActiveSync on your mobile phone: GroupWise on your Mobile