Institutional Advancement, NWU


About Institutional Advancement

The vision of the Institutional Advancement Office at the University is to be a centre of institutional financial support through sustainable partnerships and philanthropy, based on creativity, leadership, common values, sound management and effective deployment of resources. 

Our mission is to inculcate, through the development of strategic partnerships, a culture of giving and social responsibility amongst our stakeholders, including alumni, staff, individual donors, corporate business and NGO’s.
Community service and outreach programmes are integral to the University’s strategic plan, which is to move from local relevance to local impact. The Institutional Advancement Office works to promote this strategic plan, striving to remain relevant to the current South African context, our situation within the African continent and the varied demands of the University’s external clients.

The NWU believes that responsible giving starts with individuals, therefore we keep our relationships with our individual donors one-to-one, drawing on the allegiance of our alumni and cultivating friendships with other philanthropists.

The University also actively encourages its students and staff to contribute to the institution, through leadership gifts, memorial giving and several other fundraising initiatives.