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Exam Section

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Important information for students

  1. Enquiries - marks

The exam division does not handle enquiries about marks.


  1. Examination results

Results can be obtained on PUKWEB. The official results are sent to the student via email.


  1. Examination timetable

The Excel timetable is available at http://www.nwu.ac.za/af/content/klasroosters


  1. Personal examination timetable

Distance students: Their timetables are sent to them four weeks before the exam starts.

Students on campus: Students can request their personal timetables electronically before the exams start.


  1. Examination opportunities

Distance students write first and second opportunities at the examination centre where they are registered.

Full-time students write first and second opportunities on the Potchefstroom Campus.


  1. Arrangements for special examinations:

If a lecturer grants a student a special request on merit, the lecturer is responsible for carrying out the arrangements.


  1. Application for extended writing time during exam sessions


  • Deadlines

First semester: 10 May

Second semester: 30 September



  • Students apply at the Student Guidance Services in building E14.
  • Students must submit medical certificates with their application.
  • A committee determines the extra time per hour if the application is approved.
  • If approved, students report to the Exam Division right after approval to submit their module codes.


  1. Chancellor's examination

The administrative managers at the faculties make arrangements with final year students if they have been granted another opportunity.


  1. Examination prescriptions:


  1. Consequences of alleged irregularities

Document from the Disciplinary Office for Students Matters


Important information for lecturers

Service hours during exams at reception: 8:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 -16:00

  1. Class tests
  • Exam division duplicates tests – must be submitted two weeks before test date;
  • Issues test scripts and/or multi-choice cards.


  1. Assessment week
  • The exam division duplicates tests – must be submitted two weeks before test date;
  • Issues test scripts and/or multi-choice cards.
  • Issues the keys for Weet-en-Sweet (J6-G01) and Totius hall (F6-G04) if these venues have been booked for the assessment period.


  1. Examinations
  • Packs question papers and other necessities for exam venues;
  • Arranges invigilation at exam venues;
  • Receives answer scripts from chief invigilators after exam sessions;
  • Issues answer scripts to lecturers for marking.


  1. Extended writing time for students during exams
  • Exam division arranges for extended writing time during exams as granted by Student Guidance Services.
  • Students are responsible for communicating to their lecturer the venue where they will be writing.


  1. Special arrangements for student

If a lecturer grants a student a special request on merit, the lecturer is responsible for carrying out the arrangements.


  1. Module clashes on final exam timetable

Lecturers must please refer students to the Exam Division so arrangements can be made to write both modules separately.


  1. Collection of tests during the semester and answer scripts after exam sessions

Lecturers or assistants must present their university cards when they come to collect the abovementioned from the Exam Division.


  1. Template for exam papers
  • Always use the template that is available on the network.
  • The template for question papers and papers of which the answers are completed on the paper are available on Word.
  • Click for instructions:  Templates
  • Please do not use a previous question paper as master.


  1. Requirements for question papers
  • The master should only be printed on one side of the page – not on both sides.
  • The question paper may not be made smaller (reduced in size).
  • All question papers must be in Arial font, size 10


  1. Booking the Weet-en-Sweet hall for tests


Lecturers can do the booking on Groupwise. Click for instructions.

PLEASE NOTE:   The Weet-en-Sweet will be UNAVAILABLE for bookings from 14 July to 20 Sept 2017 due to upgrading of the building.

  1. Examination prescriptions to students


  1. Verification by lecturers
  • Information on the cover sheet and question paper must be error-free, e.g. if it is indicated that calculators are not allowed, calculators should not be allowed in the exam session.
  • The duration of the question paper must be as indicated on the timetable.
  • For the first 30 minutes of a session the lecturer should be at the venue to answer possible questions.
  • Two weeks before the exam lecturers receive an email summarising the procedures at the exam venue to ensure consistent behaviour.


Invigilators on campus

  1. Applications
  • Application forms are available at Invigilators' Administration (see contact information)
  • Nomination is subject to conditions
  • A copy of the candidate's ID is a requirement
  • Their tax number is another requirement


Process Manual for campus invigilators