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Application for Admission

Taking due cognizance of the General Academic Rules, A.1, A.4 and A.5 and Faculty Rules as contained in the relevant calendar, the University reserves the right to apply a selection model, on the basis of which consideration will be given to candidates's application.  Your attention is specifically drawn to General Academic Rule A.4 (Master's degrees) or A.5 (Doctorates)

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Application form and information pamphlets

Application information 2013

Guidelines for registration 2014

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Web application

Web application

If you have completed the online application, you are still required to send the supporting documentation to the admissions office. Above-mentioned list and contact details are indicated in the Guidelines for Applicants.

No application will be processed if supporting documentation is not received.


Other information regarding new applications

Important dates for applications and first contact sessions

Fees payable and financial regulations


Faculty Calender
The curricula and admission requirements for your qualification are set out in die calender, as well as the time allowed for completion of your studies.

Postgraduate bursaries


Foreign applicants/qualification

Guidelines for foreign applicants 2014

South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)


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