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Achievements, awards and news

• The Department of Communications has just finished an extensive Internal Programme Evaluation and an External Programme Evaluation process, which were very succesful.

• The Faculty has produced many graduants who serve in government, non-governmental organizations, corporate world and others are self-employed. Relevant programmes are developed in partnership with stakeholders to ensure that they meet the needs of the North West Province, South Africa and the Region.

• There is an increase of number of staff in most sub-schools to ensure that learners are taught. The staff members are continually improving their qualifications to be able to provide quality education, for example two staff female members have acquired PhD degrees in May 2010. There are six members of staff in the Social work sub-school who have doctoral qualification.

• Most of the programmes such as Social work; Psychology and Sociology are aligned with those of our sister Campuses, Potchefstroom and Vaal,

• Development Studies and Population sub-schools have also revamped their programmes.