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NWU student composes theme music for DEKAT-TV

DEKAT-TV started on Thursday 13 October 2011 on KykNet with the second season of this television series. The first episode also served as the introduction to the theme music which was composed by Jaco Meyer.
  Jaco Meyer is currently a post-graduate student in Composition, Musicology and Ethnomusicology at the School of Music, North-West University. He was commissioned to compose the theme music and Thursday's events took the form of an animation of the July/August edition of the DEKAT magazine (which is also available in English).

Jaco Meyer (right) with his companion, Fébé Bruyns (left) and the editor and owner of DEKAT, Elzilda Becker (centre).

  Jaco was invited to the launch of the new television programme where selected guests were introduced to the first episode of the new season. During the event Jaco described the theme music as "an artistic-eccentric challenge to blend with the artistic and unique concepts behind the alternative angle of DEKAT".
  DEKAT-TV can be seen until December 2011 on Thursday evenings at 21:00 on KykNet during which viewers will be exposed to a fantastic fantasizing fantasy world.