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Welcome to the Career Centre of the North West University


What we do

At the North-West University, our passion is our students, our focus is to develop critical skills for the country, and our purpose is to be locally engaged, nationally relevant, and internationally recognised.


The vision of the NWU is to be a pre-eminent university in Africa, driven by the pursuit of knowledge and innovation, and the Career Centre strives to contribute to this through continued involvement in the processes required to produce quality graduates.


The Career Centre closes gaps between students, employers, alumni and academics, and continuing engagement with stakeholders allows the University to contribute optimally to the development of well-rounded graduates who are able to address the complex challenges of the world of work, but also to play a meaningful role in addressing the broad social, economic, environmental and ethical challenges facing South African society.


The Career Centre opens doors, through playing a vital role in promoting employability of NWU students through liaison with employers, alumni and academics. We invest substantially in ensuring relevant curricula that will assist in delivering graduates who can plough back their skills into the developing economy in South Africa, and have support structures in place to help students to develop an understanding of the world of work and the kind of qualities that employers are looking for in graduates.

Who we are


Where to find us

The NWU is a multi-campus university with a footprint across two provinces. The Mafikeng and Potchefstroom Campuses are situated in the North-West Province and the Vaal Triangle Campus is in Gauteng. The head office, known as the Institutional Office, is in Potchefstroom, situated near the Potchefstroom Campus.


Where to find the NWU.

You can find the NWU Career Centre at the following offices:



Institutional and Potchefstroom Campus

Career Centre      
Building F 25; Jooste Street

Mafikeng campus


Career Centre
Student Centre

Vaal Triangle campus

Career Centre

Library; SL 333


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Updated on 03 November 2014