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BCom Tourism Management


What does a person with a degree in Tourism management do?

After completion of the three-year programme, you will be able to manage a tourism enterprise, but you will also understand the importance of tourism in the growing economy of South Africa and you will be able to develop it to the benefit of the country.

Here, the focus is on the development of your skills and knowledge to be able to develop and manage your own or another tourism business.  You will, among others, learn to develop and manage your own guesthouse, to manage events, as well as to utilise nature as tourism attraction.  You will furthermore also take Economics OR International trade modules over a period of three years.

Several hotel owners, conference managers and event managers regularly share their knowledge and skills with students and we also visit their businesses.  You will, therefore, work with people, and you will also be exposed to economic information that can be utilised to grow the tourism industry in South Africa.


One-year, full-time honours

The honours degree is focused on the core skills that are needed in the industry.  The emphasis is therefore on the development of practical skills and you are exposed to several problems and challenges in the industry.  Already in your honours year will you become part of the research projects, where contact with industry is made.  Admission to an honours degree in Tourism management is subject to selection and capacity.


What type of work will I be able to do?

Although this qualification gives graduates access to the entire tourism industry, BCom qualifications are focused on the management of the industry and businesses.  It creates specific access to careers such as: tourism economists, tourism managers, marketers, researchers, lecturers, consultants, guesthouse managers and event managers in both private and public enterprises.


Admission requirements:

  • APS score 24 and Mathematics level 3 (40-49%)
  • Minimum duration is three years and maximum duration of four years.


Why should I study Tourism management at the NWU-Puk?

The Tourism team at the NWU are the leaders in Tourism training in South Africa.  Regular contact with industry, research projects and consultations keep us at the forefront of new developments that will also keep you a few steps ahead of the rest.

We have a very active Tourism student organisation, namely Excursio, which also offers several opportunities to Tourism students, of which one is an annual tour.


Become part of the winning team and share in the journey! Follow our footsteps at:

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