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BCom Management Accountancy


Qualifications that are offered

  • BCom degree (three-year, full-time undergraduate study)
  • Honours degree - equivalent to the management level in CIMA (one-year full-time study OR two years part-time study)
  • Master's degree (one-year, full-time or two-year, part-time study)  


What does a management accountant do?

CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accoutants) is one of the world’s biggest professional bodies for management accounting.  CIMA focuses on business, and therefore offers you more than mere accounting knowledge.  You not only have a financial qualification, but you will also be professionally trained in business management, you will be able to give advice pertaining to business strategy, and you will be able to apply risk management.  As CIMA, you can follow, among others, any of the following careers:  

Cost- or management accountant: Compile reports that contain information that management needs for internal decisions (e.g. deviation reports, cost-volume-profit analysis)

Financial manager: Lead a team that handles the finances of a company and compiles financial information (e.g. budgets, cashflow statements, etc.)  

Business consultant: Advise clients pertaining to business matters (e.g. profit maximising, investment strategies, risk management, etc.)

Entrepreneur: Be your own boss by establishing and managing your business of choice.  

Academic/training provider: Lecture at a university or provide training for management accountants.


Where will I be able to work?

There are many options, e.g. the corporate environment (work for a company), the public sector (work for the state), own business or academia. 




Why Management accounting at the NWU-Puk?

  • Good results country-wide in the CIMA Global Business Challenge (a business competition for students)
  • One of the few universities in the world that has the maximum exemptions pertaining to CIMA’s further examinations
  • Undergraduate lectures are interpreted to English, while all written material is also available in English.
  • Dedicated lecturers and researchers who regularly receive awards, e.g. best lecturer at the NWU, SAAA researcher of the year and SAAA educator of the year.
  • Support to students in the form of additional facilitation classes, ‘open door’ access to lecturers and full-time academic clerks, life- and career mentors and professional psychologists
  • Positive feedback from employers about the high quality CIMAs that we deliver
  • Dynamic collaboration with the NWU Career Centre to help students early on to find a good job.


Admission requirements:

  • APS 30 and Mathematics level 5 (60%)
  • Grade 12 Accounting is a recommendation, but not a prerequisite.


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BCom Forensic Accountancy


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