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BCom Financial Accountancy


Qualifications that are offered

  • BCom Financial Accountancy (three-year, full-time study)
  • BCom honours in Financial Accountancy (one-year, full-time or two-year, part-time study)


What does an accountant do?

Practise as a professional accountant, which includes the provision of complete accounting, taxation and secretarial services.  There are also many employment opportunities in the corporate environment, the public sector and the academic environment.


Why Financial Accountancy at the NWU-Puk?

  • Excellent results in the national examinations of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA).
  • Dedicated lecturers and researchers who regularly receive awards, e.g. best lecturer at the NWU, SAAA researcher of the year and SAAA educator of the year.
  • Support to students in the form of additional facilitation classes, ‘open door’ access to lecturers and full-time academic clerks, life- and career mentors and professional psychologists
  • A great emphasis on the development of skills that are important for the workplace
  • Positive feedback from employers


Admission requirements:

  • APS = 28 and Mathematics level 4 (50%).
  • Grade 12 Accounting is recommended, but not a prerequisite.



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