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BCom Economics and Informatics


What does a degree in Economics and Informatics entail?

Our BCom Economics and Informatics qualification offers you the opportunity to combine Economics, Risk Management and Informatics.  The focus is specifically on informatics applications in the financial environment in the form of data analysis and decision support systems.

In the modern era of ‘big data’, there is a demand for people who have the knowledge and skills with regard to informatics to be able to unlock this data and who have the BCom background to be able to make sense of it.  This degree’s Informatics component is therefore focused on graphic interface programming, systems analysis, databases and decision support systems.  The modules from the economic sciences are Economics and Risk Management.

There is therefore a combination of theory and application.  Informatics is applied within the world of economic analysis, investment and banking.


One-year, full-time honours degree

Students who have completed and undergraduate degree in Economics and Informatics choose to specialise with an honours degree in Economics or an honours degree in purely Informatics.

The honours degree in Economics does not contain Informatics modules and focuses on core modules such as micro-economics, macro-economics and econometrics with the aim of working as an economist.


Admission requirements:  APS 28 and Mathematics level 4 (50%)


Where do our former students work?

Our students mostly find work in the financial sector at banks, insurers and pension funds.  Their jobs include, among others: business analyst and data analyst.  

Recently, the Marginal Revolution blog reported on what types of jobs economists do at Facebook. 


If you want to find out more about where our alumni work, become part of our PUK Economics group on LinkedIn.