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BCom Chartered Accountancy

Qualifications that are offered

  • BCom Chartered Accountancy (three years, full-time)
  • Post-graduate diploma in Chartered Accountancy or BCom honours in Chartered Accountancy (equivalent to a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting or “CTA”) (one year, full-time)
  • Several master’s and doctorate degrees in any of the main subjects are also offered


What does a chartered accountant (CA) do?

CA is an exceptionally diverse and dynamic qualification, with several career opportunities. As a CA, you can follow, amongst others, any of the following career paths:

Auditor: Express your opinion on the fairness of financial statements

Tax specialist: Advise clients on taxation matters

Financial manager: Lead a team that handles the finances of a company and produces financial information, e.g. budgets, VAT returns, debtors’ management, etc.

Business consultant: Advise clients about business matters such as profit improvement, investment strategies, risk management, estate planning, etc.

Computer auditor: Apply IT expertise in the audit environment

Corporate finance specialist: Give advice about mergers and acquisitions of businesses

Structured finance specialist: Structure transactions, agreements, investments and businesses

Entrepreneur: Be your own boss by establishing and managing your business of choice

Academic/training provider: Lecture at a university or provide training to the accountancy profession


Where can I work?

There are many options, e.g. public practice (auditing firms), the corporate environment (work for a company), the public sector (work for the government), your own business or in academia.

Although there are many other options, many of our students go to work for the so-called ‘Big 4’ firms:






Visit SAICA for a complete list of firms and companies (training offices).


Why CA at the NWU-Puk?

  • Excellent results in the national examinations of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), with regular distinctions and students reaching the top 10 list in South Africa.
  • Lectures are offered in parallel medium i.e. presented separately in Afrikaans and English.
  • Dedicated lecturers and researchers who regularly receive awards, e.g. best lecturer at the NWU, SAAA researcher of the year and SAAA educator of the year.
  • Support to students in the form of additional facilitation classes, 'open door' access to lecturers and full-time academic clerks, life and career mentors and professional psychologists.
  • A great emphasis on the development of skills that are important for the workplace.
  • Positive feedback from employers about the high quality CAs that we deliver
  • Dynamic collaboration with the NWU Career Centre to help students early on to find a good job.


Admission requirements:

  • APS 30 and Mathematics level 5 (60-69%)
  • Grade 12 Accounting is a recommendation, but not a prerequisite.


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BCom Forensic Accountancy


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