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BCom Business Management


What does a person with a BCom degree in Business Management do?

The degree gives you access to a wide variety of career opportunities, as management principles are applied in all organisations.

Initially, the person can work as assistant/manager, sales person, in the logistics division or at a manufacturing- or retail organisation.  As you gain more experience, you can be promoted to departmental manager and manager of an organisational function.

A manager is responsible for the planning and organising of activities and people, as well as the leading and guidance of people.  Managers’ main tasks are problem-solving, to lead teams, to facilitate team processes and to regularly communicate with people.


Careers include: general manager, purchase manager, distribution manager and sales manager.


One-year, full-time honours

The honours degree is becoming increasingly important in the fast-changing environment and concentrates on skills development that takes place by means of exposure to the world of business.


The content of the modules focuses, among other things, on the integrated functioning of an organisation, how to start a business and what to look for, what it entails to manage a retail organisation, financial management, e-trading and research on management skills that effective managers possess.


Where will I be able to work?

All businesses need qualified people in management.  The following types of businesses are general examples:

  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Service organisations
  • Retailers
  • Logistics organisations
  • Financial institutions
  • Own business


Admission requirements:

University exemption with a minimum APS score of 24 and Mathematics level 3 (40-49%)

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