Alumni - TT Cloete

Alumni award

Prof Theunis Theodorus (TT) Cloete: helping to shape the development of Afrikaans

As an award-winning poet, Bible translator, man of letters and scientific researcher, Prof TT Cloete has played a significant part in the development of the Afrikaans language.

He completed his BA degree in 1946, his MA in Afrikaans Nederlands in 1947 and his University Education Diploma in 1948 at the Potchefstroom University.

Over the years, Prof Cloete has received at least 20 awards and prizes for his work. The first award came in 1976, when he received the Gustav Preller Prize for the Science of Literature and Literary Criticism.  His most recent accolade came in 2008, when he received honorary membership of the South African Academy for Arts and Science.

One of the most prestigious awards of all was the State President’s Order for Meritorious Service Gold, presented to Prof Cloete in 1992.

His poetry is much acclaimed, and he has won the Hofmeyr prize three times and the Hertzog prize twice. Prof Cloete has also won the Ingrid Jonker prize (1980) and the Louis Luyt prize (1983).