Alumni - Johan van Zyl

Alumni award

Dr Johan van Zyl: a driving force  

Dr Johan van Zyl plays a leadership role in the South African and global motor industry. He is presently the Toyota Motor Corporation’s deputy head for Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and the Caribbean Region. In addition, he is president and executive head of Toyota South Africa Motors, and is responsible for the daily management of Toyota in Africa.

His recent business achievements include managing Toyota’s investment in South Africa – the largest investment programme yet by a Japanese company – increasing the production capacity of the company’s local plant to 220 000 units and expanding the local subsidiaries’ presence in export markets to more than 58 countries. A respected academic in his own right, Dr van Zyl has a BComm degree (cum laude), BComm (Hons) degree (cum laude), MComm and Marketing Management (cum laude) and DComm. He also has an honorary doctorate from the NWU.