Alumni - Bismark Tyobeka

Alumni award

Dr Bismark Tyobeka: a powerhouse of knowledge

Dr Bismark Tyobeka is acknowledged as one of the leading nuclear power experts in the world and plays a major role in various initiatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the National Nuclear Regulator of South Africa.

He is a Technical Lead (expert) on gas-cooled reactor technology development in the IAEA’s Nuclear Power division. In this capacity, he advises the agency on all technology development issues pertaining to gas-cooled reactors, including high-temperature reactors. This includes advances in fuel designs, structural materials, codes and methods development for safety analysis.

Despite his international prominence, he has not forgotten his roots and retains contact with the NWU’s Centre for Applied Radiation Science and Technology and with many of its former students who now work in the nuclear power industry in South Africa.