SA-Hungary Conference Proposals


Presentation Proposal


A proposal for presentation allows you to present at the conference and ultimately submit a fully developed scholarly article for potential publication as a chapter in a proposed academic book. At this stage we only require pertinent information apropos your proposal to present a paper at the conference.

NB: There is absolutely no cost for proposing a paper for the conference. If for some reason your paper is not accepted it still does not stop you from registering, paying your conference fee and actually attending the conference. However, if your paper is accepted, and you have not registered, remember that you will need to register and pay your conference fee in order to read your paper. The only exception to this would be if your paper is accepted and you formally give another registered delegate your permission to read your paper in abstentia. In this latter context your paper could also be considered as a virtual paper.


Proposals for in-person presentations at the conference may be submitted as long as the topic keeps to the broad theme of Persecution, Passion and Epiphany in Early Jewish Literature. Here research relevant to, inter alia, the Septuagint, the Masoretic Text, the Deuterocanonical Books, Apocryphal Books, Pseudepigrapha, Rabbinical literature and/or Cognate literature will be considered. We are particularly interested in research which takes a fresh approach to, inter alia, traditional themes and often more conservative worldviews. Please read Conference Concept for details.


Although the quality of the paper will obviously be extremely important, the organisers will also be led by the range and scope of submissions received.


We are currently negotiating the possibility of publishing scholarly papers which result from this conference, by a reputable academic publishing house.  In this case, after careful peer-review, possible emendations and redaction, selected papers will hopefully become chapters in a book titled: Persecution, Passion and Epiphany in Early Jewish Literature.

NB: there is nothing stopping presenters from submitting their final papers for publication in a journal of their own choice.

More information regarding the possibility of our own conference-based publication will be communicated with all presenters in due course. At that time, instructions will also be supplied as regards proposals for article submission, including style guides and preferred format etc.


Instructions for Presenting Proposals

  • Potential presenters should supply us with a proposed title and an abstract (maximum 300 words).


  • Ideally all proposals should be in English.


  • You should also indicate whether you want to present the paper in person. If the paper is co-authored, indicate who will be making the presentation (maximum three presenters [co-authors] per session.


  • If no-one is available to present the paper you may also indicate that it is to become a virtual presentation.


  • Please supply us with the preferred title, designation and institution for each author concerned.


  • Please supply us with a contact telephone number and email address per author.


  • On acceptance we will also ask you for a short biography and suitable digital photograph of the author(s) for our printed itinerary.


  • You may also indicate your willingness to serve as a chairperson for one of the sessions.


Email your proposal to Prof. dr Nicholas Allen at




Prof. dr Pierre J. Jordaan (