Potchefstroom Registrar


 General information regarding graduation Ceremonies.

1. Purchase and hire of academic dress
2. Photographic services
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. Procedures during the ceremonies
5. Contact numbers of Campus Organisation
6. Dates of ceremonies 2011
7. Forms: academic attire and photographic services
8. Requests  for copies of degree, certificates or transcripts

 Procedures during the ceremony.

1. Academic Dress
1.1. Hoods: graduates and diploma candidates
As you walk onto the stage carry, the prescibed hood folded over
your left arm. Hold your introductory card in your right hand.
1.2. Academic caps
Academic caps are worn throughout the ceremony.

2. Procedures for conferring of degrees and awarding of diplomas
2.1. Maintenance of alphabetical order
Degrees and diplomas are conferred andawarded as indicated in the
Programme. Please maintain the alphabetical order as indicated on the
Programme as your group moves to the stage. An official will inform you
When it is your tourn to aproach the Dean.
2.2. On stage
When on stage, walk up to the Dean and hand him/her your introductory
card. The Dean will read your name out loud while you remain standing
where you are. If the degree/diploma is conferred or awarded with
distinction remain at your position until he/she reads out the details.
2.2.1. Graduandi
After the Dean has made the announcement, the following procedure
Is followed:
Step 1: Walk to the Campus Rector/Vice-Rector, turn and face the audience.
Step 2: Turn to face the Rector/Vice-Rector. He/she will shake your hand
nd then hold a cap above your head as you stand bowed.
Step 3: Proceed to the Registrar who will be standing on the small platform.
(The hood remains draped over your left arm).
Step 4: After the Registrar has taken the hood from you, take up position in
front of him/her facing the audience. Do not bend forward.The
Registrar will drape the hood over your shoulders from behind,
while a photograph is taken of you.
Step 5: Proceed from the stage, following the arrow, to the area where your
certificate will be handed to you. Officials will show you the route you
have to follow.
Step 6: When returning to your seat, kindly maintain the alphabetical order
As in the program.
2.2.2. Diploma candidates
Diploma candidates follow the same procedure as for degree candidates
except that the Rector/Vice-Rector (step 2) does not hold the cap above
your heads.
2.2.3. Doctoral candidates
follow step one (1) and remain standing there while an abstract from his/her
curriculum vitae is read. Thereafter the same procedure as for the other
graduandi is followed.

Candidates must return to their seats after receiving their certificates, No one will be permitted to leave the auditorium before the entire ceremony has been concluded

 Requests for copies of degree, certificates or transcripts

At graduation every Alumnus is supplied with an academic record and degree certificate. Thereafter, requests by alumni for copies of academic records or degree certificates are dealt with as follows:

1. The Academic record
Current students needing academic records should contact ...........  at..........
The academic record is the academic history of the student, listing which modules were taken each year and the results of each module. This is extracted from the university’s student records.  Alumni – same as above but the request will be processed at a charge of R.........
2. . Requests for copies of degree certificates. E-mail the completed form with necessary documents to or fax to 018 299 4413.
Costs: R150 per certifcate.