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Archives and Museum


The corporate deposit and documentary heritage of the Institutional Office and the Potchefstroom Campus comprise:

  • 2432 linear metre paper archival material and private collections
  • 426 linear photographs, artworks, poster and other visual material
  • 1952 linear memorabilia and museum items
  • 48 linear metre publications
  • 18 linear metre private collections

2.1 Archival collections

Primary records date back to the late 1800's and include the following:

  • the minutes of the Council, the Senate, faculty boards and committees dating back to 1919;
  • the administrative records of the Institutional Office and the Potchefstroom Campus;
  • private collections of former staff members and alumni;
  • records of the student council and subbodies since 1889;
  • records of the Potchefstroom College of Education, incorporated in the University in 2001;
  • the Western Transvaal's archives on the history of surrounding towns in the former Western Transvaal.


2.2 Photograph collections and other media

The Archives also houses a large photograph collection that includes negatives, positives and digital photographs.

Photographs are available on request and can be captured via scanning.

Interesting collections are:

  • the Piet Fotokuns collection- photographs taken by the campus photographer  from 1958 until the late 1990's;
  • Campus News photographs;
  • photographs from the residence archival portfoloios and donations from several student subbodies;
  • a wide variety of photographs by professional photographers of Potchefstroom ;
  • video, film and sound recordings.

Donations of image and sound material are always welcome, as they will ensure an all-inclusive depiction of the history of the University for future use.